Walk-in and Alcove wardrobes

As a carpenter Liverpool has been very good for me within the last few years due to the increase in personalised and customised furniture. However, another carpentry and woodworking service that has been very popular within the last few years especially has been the growing popularity of alcove and walk in wardrobes. Since both types of wardrobe projects are considered luxury and high end for most houses, many home owners are beginning to look for having one of either within their home. As a carpenter, this is one of the most expensive and biggest projects that we complete. It also means that it is a good opportunity to make a decent amount of money, and both the customer and us as a company win with a transaction such as this.

I have had the opportunity to take many wardrobe creation projects within the last few years especially, and the demand for the wardrobes are only increasing. Projects like these can cost anywhere from £2,500 – £7,000 depending on the size of the project, especially if you are looking to create a more elaborate walk in closet for example. Some people decide that they want to turn their en-suite bathroom or even a spare bedroom into a walk-in closet if they have a lot of clothes or shoes but no need for the room itself. This isn’t as uncommon as you may believe, due to the amount of families that are deciding to not have children.

With the number of gardens in Liverpool, it is also becoming common for many home owners to request the creation and construction of garden furniture such as benches and picnic tables. Many times, they want the furniture to be created from either a specific timber, or they want a specific carving or engraving within the furniture itself. This is more common with something such as a picnic table, where customers want what they would consider a posh picnic table. Other times, some customers are more artistic and just want a carving or engraved pattern within the table itself. This itself is an enjoyable project for carpenters, as it is rare to create something that others would consider a piece of art rather than just furniture.

Thank you for reading today’s post. Tomorrow I want to discuss a bit more about the industry of carpentry over the last few years, especially within the city of Liverpool rather than for the residential areas. I hope you enjoyed the post, and make sure to check out some of the other posts within the last week or so!

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