Liverpool Football Club!

While I plan on talking about carpentry, joinery and woodworking in the future, I wanted to talk about something that is just as close to my heart. Within the last few years, Liverpool FC have been doing well within football. Although I’m sure many Everton fans will be reading this blog (and I am sorry to disappoint you!), Liverpool fans have been disappointed within the last few years. We have found it so difficult to enjoy the club because of how badly we had been doing. Every time it seemed like we were supposed to win something big, something went seriously wrong. One example of this would be the infamous Gerrard slip, which brought an end to our closest title hopes in years.

However, over the last few years, things have drastically changed. Brendan Rodgers, Suarez, Sturridge and others had done such a great job that year, that we were able to sell Suarez for a large sum of money. While we were not able to purchase players that were just as good, we used that reputation to hire Klopp once we were able to. After that, things very slowly started to fall into place for us. While things are not at the level as any fan would like since we are yet to win titles, things are really improving to a level that is unheard of for us. This blog post was inspired by the recent 0-5 win over FC Porto, which we never thought would be possible.

Klopp has completed changed the team and the way the fanbase feel about the club. For a while, us as fans started to become very disappointed and upset about the club over transfers and the performances on the pitch. When you sell a player for such a large sum of money like we did with Suarez, we expected much better purchases than what we got. We expected to be doing better than we were for the next couple of seasons. But now, we have begun to really improve the way we always thought we would. We are now starting to look like title challengers, and for once in a long time we even have a chance to win the most prestigious club football trophy in existence.

We are all so grateful not only to Jurgen Klopp, but also the team that we have built over the last few years. We are becoming a team that is both respected and feared around the United Kingdom and even Europe. We are becoming a team that people would be worried to face, and we even have a chance at winning trophies we couldn’t for a long time. I am really looking forward to seeing where we can go from here, since it seems like Klopp is here to manage us for a long time. It also seems like the team itself will only continue to grow together, as they are all still young.

I know that this post doesn’t have much to do about builders, but Liverpool is a club that is very close to my heart as I have been a season ticket holder for so many years. It is so enjoyable to watch us play well and work towards a better future for the club. Please check out yesterday’s blog post if you can, but also try to check out some of the future building posts I will be creating!

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