The city of Liverpool!

Liverpool is such an important city of me. I have spent my whole life in this city and I have worked my whole life as a carpenter here, even when I have had offers to work elsewhere around the world. I rejected so many options to go to America, Asia, Australia and even South America to work with companies that specialise in multiple different projects. I have rejected projects such as building new homes around the world, creating niche products and new products created by designers and inventors – some of which have become global products – and I even rejected projects to work on wooden sculptures of historical figures from royal families. While I wish I could say that I chose to reject these options to continue my career at Liverpool Carpenters, the truth is I only rejected these projects because I wanted to stay in my home city.

I am a lifelong Liverpool FC fan (YNWA), and at some point, I want to make a blog post about my love for the club. I have also lived in every part of the city at some point in the last 40 years, and now I have managed to work my way up to a large house on the outskirts of the city that I feel fortunate to have. Since I am a carpenter, rather than purchasing pieces of furniture around the city I just created my own, and I have made so many products that are dedicated towards the football club. I have tried to engrave or carve the crest into any piece of furniture that I was able to if it wasn’t a major piece of furniture such as my bed, since I know how much my wife would hate it!

I am also a large collector of Liverpool FC related memorabilia and mementos. I would love to show some of my collection on the blog, but I am unsure of who would be reading and how dangerous it could be to post some of that stuff online. I have posted it on Liverpool FC forums though, so if you have ever been on one of these forums the chances are you have seen the collection already. Since I am a carpenter, all frames or podiums that I have created for the memorabilia has been created myself using exotic timber that I had to wait months to arrive. I am so proud of my collection because of how many years it took to get together. I created a whole room dedicated to Liverpool related things, and it is my favourite room in my house. I converted my basement for the sole purpose of having a storage space for all things.

I also once had the opportunity to work for the club for a short moment in time when I helped create some pieces of furniture for the hospitality section of Anfield, which became one of my career highlights and happiest moments of my life that has stuck with me to this day. It has become a large loft for me, and I am so happy with the way things have gone. I am going to talk a little bit about the carpentry projects that I have completed in the past, but do not be surprised to see a few blog posts about my club at the same time! I hope you stay in touch and look at some more of the posts I have created in the future!

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