Walk-in and Alcove wardrobes

As a carpenter Liverpool has been very good for me within the last few years due to the increase in personalised and customised furniture. However, another carpentry and woodworking service that has been very popular within the last few years especially has been the growing popularity of alcove and walk in wardrobes. Since both types of wardrobe projects are considered luxury and high end for most houses, many home owners are beginning to look for having one of either within their home. As a carpenter, this is one of the most expensive and biggest projects that we complete. It also means that it is a good opportunity to make a decent amount of money, and both the customer and us as a company win with a transaction such as this.

I have had the opportunity to take many wardrobe creation projects within the last few years especially, and the demand for the wardrobes are only increasing. Projects like these can cost anywhere from £2,500 – £7,000 depending on the size of the project, especially if you are looking to create a more elaborate walk in closet for example. Some people decide that they want to turn their en-suite bathroom or even a spare bedroom into a walk-in closet if they have a lot of clothes or shoes but no need for the room itself. This isn’t as uncommon as you may believe, due to the amount of families that are deciding to not have children.

With the number of gardens in Liverpool, it is also becoming common for many home owners to request the creation and construction of garden furniture such as benches and picnic tables. Many times, they want the furniture to be created from either a specific timber, or they want a specific carving or engraving within the furniture itself. This is more common with something such as a picnic table, where customers want what they would consider a posh picnic table. Other times, some customers are more artistic and just want a carving or engraved pattern within the table itself. This itself is an enjoyable project for carpenters, as it is rare to create something that others would consider a piece of art rather than just furniture.

Thank you for reading today’s post. Tomorrow I want to discuss a bit more about the industry of carpentry over the last few years, especially within the city of Liverpool rather than for the residential areas. I hope you enjoyed the post, and make sure to check out some of the other posts within the last week or so!

Liverpool furniture and carpentry!

I realised that in my last blog post that I created, I spoke a bit about the history of Liverpool as a city. In the post before the last, I also spoke somewhat about Liverpool FC, but I hadn’t had a chance to ask some of my readers to send their comments about what they think of the club. That does mean I only want to hear good thoughts whether you support the club or not however! The club has been through some large ups and downs throughout the years, and there are a variety of differences that have been clear throughout the years. The largest difference that I have seen throughout the years is the lack of a midfield presence since Steven Gerrard left. While we still have someone like Jordan Henderson, we don’t have a player that has lived for the club since they risen through the ranks. I hope we get to see someone similar soon.

I also wanted to speak somewhat about the recent industry boom in carpentry. There is a significant increase in carpentry and woodworking projects around the city, and my company is getting a large volume of calls daily. There are some days where we are called by 5 or 6 home owners for the creation and installation of built in wardrobes or furniture creation that is unprecedented in the last few years. I think a factor into the creation of furniture and wardrobes rather than the purchasing of the pre-built projects are partially due to the increase in tax and VAT, let alone the increase of prices for the products itself. This means that a customised and specialised piece of furniture that is created just for you is cheaper than purchasing pre-built products instead.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. The post itself is quite short because I want to ask my readers some questions. The first question is; if you have ever contacted a carpenter to create your furniture and why? The second question is who you think will improve Liverpool within the next few years.

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The history of Liverpool!

Apart from historians or the natural habitants of the city itself, not many people know about the history behind the city of Liverpool. It is one of the oldest and most important cities within the United Kingdom as a whole. Liverpool today is also one of the main cities within the United Kingdom and is also one of the most populated as of 2017. The history and the landscape of the area in general is very rich, and it is one of the most beautiful cities in the country thanks to the location, being built as a oceanside city. Even the name of the city is quite interesting, as it comes from a word of “Old English”. The name Liverpool in Old English means “Liver” which is thick or muddy, and “Pol”, meaning creek or pool, as it was built on the side of an ocean. The name of Liverpool dates all the way back to the 1100’s, making it one of the oldest recorded settlements within the United Kingdom. Also, there are other suggestions as to the name Liverpool, the most interesting coming from the name “elverpool”. This name has come from the suggestion that eels surrounding the water of Liverpool and had given the settlement the nickname.

The actual borough of Liverpool was named not too soon after the formation and naming of the settlement itself. The borough of Liverpool was officially announced by King John in 1207, and the population was incredibly small for a long time. It took until the 16th century and not too shortly before the American colonisation era. It took until the 16th century for the city to get over 500 people living within the area, and it had only had a total of 7 streets altogether. It still took a long time before the city of Liverpool started growing within population and size, even to the 17th century. There was little to no growth in size, population or even trade within the city itself and the English Civil War nearly destroyed the town itself. Only after the civil war things had changed.

The first major change of the fortunes for the city was the slave trade becoming an integral part of the city itself. It had been given the Liverpool Merchant, which was one of the first slave ships of it’s time, to sail for Africa. Changing the economy and state of the city itself. After the first trips around the world with the Liverpool Merchant, Liverpool itself started to become a harbour for worldwide trade for the United Kingdom. There were hundreds of ships after time that came in and out of Liverpool monthly, and Liverpool itself became a trade centre of the world. The success of the trade routes to Liverpool was of such size that the slave and tobacco trade of the city was one of the biggest in the country. It even allowed the first ever interlink city rail within the world, the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. The city had become such a success with so many people coming and going that by the time of the famine within Ireland, the migrants were within the hundreds of thousands. It may have been one of the fastest growing cities of the time.

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Liverpool Football Club!

While I plan on talking about carpentry, joinery and woodworking in the future, I wanted to talk about something that is just as close to my heart. Within the last few years, Liverpool FC have been doing well within football. Although I’m sure many Everton fans will be reading this blog (and I am sorry to disappoint you!), Liverpool fans have been disappointed within the last few years. We have found it so difficult to enjoy the club because of how badly we had been doing. Every time it seemed like we were supposed to win something big, something went seriously wrong. One example of this would be the infamous Gerrard slip, which brought an end to our closest title hopes in years.

However, over the last few years, things have drastically changed. Brendan Rodgers, Suarez, Sturridge and others had done such a great job that year, that we were able to sell Suarez for a large sum of money. While we were not able to purchase players that were just as good, we used that reputation to hire Klopp once we were able to. After that, things very slowly started to fall into place for us. While things are not at the level as any fan would like since we are yet to win titles, things are really improving to a level that is unheard of for us. This blog post was inspired by the recent 0-5 win over FC Porto, which we never thought would be possible.

Klopp has completed changed the team and the way the fanbase feel about the club. For a while, us as fans started to become very disappointed and upset about the club over transfers and the performances on the pitch. When you sell a player for such a large sum of money like we did with Suarez, we expected much better purchases than what we got. We expected to be doing better than we were for the next couple of seasons. But now, we have begun to really improve the way we always thought we would. We are now starting to look like title challengers, and for once in a long time we even have a chance to win the most prestigious club football trophy in existence.

We are all so grateful not only to Jurgen Klopp, but also the team that we have built over the last few years. We are becoming a team that is both respected and feared around the United Kingdom and even Europe. We are becoming a team that people would be worried to face, and we even have a chance at winning trophies we couldn’t for a long time. I am really looking forward to seeing where we can go from here, since it seems like Klopp is here to manage us for a long time. It also seems like the team itself will only continue to grow together, as they are all still young.

I know that this post doesn’t have much to do about builders, but Liverpool is a club that is very close to my heart as I have been a season ticket holder for so many years. It is so enjoyable to watch us play well and work towards a better future for the club. Please check out yesterday’s blog post if you can, but also try to check out some of the future building posts I will be creating!

The city of Liverpool!

Liverpool is such an important city of me. I have spent my whole life in this city and I have worked my whole life as a carpenter here, even when I have had offers to work elsewhere around the world. I rejected so many options to go to America, Asia, Australia and even South America to work with companies that specialise in multiple different projects. I have rejected projects such as building new homes around the world, creating niche products and new products created by designers and inventors – some of which have become global products – and I even rejected projects to work on wooden sculptures of historical figures from royal families. While I wish I could say that I chose to reject these options to continue my career at Liverpool Carpenters, the truth is I only rejected these projects because I wanted to stay in my home city.

I am a lifelong Liverpool FC fan (YNWA), and at some point, I want to make a blog post about my love for the club. I have also lived in every part of the city at some point in the last 40 years, and now I have managed to work my way up to a large house on the outskirts of the city that I feel fortunate to have. Since I am a carpenter, rather than purchasing pieces of furniture around the city I just created my own, and I have made so many products that are dedicated towards the football club. I have tried to engrave or carve the crest into any piece of furniture that I was able to if it wasn’t a major piece of furniture such as my bed, since I know how much my wife would hate it!

I am also a large collector of Liverpool FC related memorabilia and mementos. I would love to show some of my collection on the blog, but I am unsure of who would be reading and how dangerous it could be to post some of that stuff online. I have posted it on Liverpool FC forums though, so if you have ever been on one of these forums the chances are you have seen the collection already. Since I am a carpenter, all frames or podiums that I have created for the memorabilia has been created myself using exotic timber that I had to wait months to arrive. I am so proud of my collection because of how many years it took to get together. I created a whole room dedicated to Liverpool related things, and it is my favourite room in my house. I converted my basement for the sole purpose of having a storage space for all things.

I also once had the opportunity to work for the club for a short moment in time when I helped create some pieces of furniture for the hospitality section of Anfield, which became one of my career highlights and happiest moments of my life that has stuck with me to this day. It has become a large loft for me, and I am so happy with the way things have gone. I am going to talk a little bit about the carpentry projects that I have completed in the past, but do not be surprised to see a few blog posts about my club at the same time! I hope you stay in touch and look at some more of the posts I have created in the future!